2015 District Photo-Booth - Taylor-Photography

Thanks for the opportunity to take your picture at the 2015 Rotary District Conference in Gothenburg.  I hope that you enjoy the images.  Double click on the images below and they will expand.

As you will notice there is a buy button at the bottom of the picture.  If you would like to purchase an image, it will be delivered to your door.  If you are not going to frame the picture I would recommend having the lab put a backing of foam-core on the print.   If you are going to make a print larger than 8X10 please email me with a description of the picture and I will check to see if the print will enlarge well and perhaps I can process it further for a better print.  Like wise you will notice when you pick a size of print it will crop (reduce or increase the size of the picture on your screen) to fit that size print.  If it crops vital things, oh, like maybe you....out of the picture, let me know the size you want and I'll format it just for that format print.

Be sure to comment on the pictures (bottom of the expanded image) if you would like.  Especially on the shots of Koby.  

These pictures are copyrighted to protect you and me as people can view these images from around the world on the internet.  If you purchase a picture the copyright is included.  If you would like to use them for other purposes, blogs, christmas cards, Facebook etc. please contact me and I will be glad to provide a limited release that purpose.  Rummage around the "buy" area, they sell all types of things with this image on it.  Sorry no wall paper prints at this site.

Thanks again for the honor of photographing your image.  

Bob Taylor -- botaylor2205@hotmail.com.

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