Marg Reed's Home-going - Taylor-Photography

Welcome to some images of Margaret Reeds Home-going, as we say in the south.  I hope you can use the images to reminisce about Marg's life as well as the good times that she played in our lives.  

 It was a great family experience.  

These pictures are for you. Here are some tips in using this site.  There is a white arrow in a black box, below.  Click on that and it will enlarge the picture.  There should be an arrow pointing down to a line, below the picture. This will down-load the picture to your computer.  If you would like to have a print of the picture you can buy it directly from the site by clicking on the green 'buy' block under the the picture.  Choose the size, enter your address and pay with a credit card.  

If you would like me to do further work on the picture (size if for cards, put it in a different format etc.), please contact me by email. (  You can also add comments, that everyone can see or stories about the pictures ('comments' below the picture).  BT

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